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Cherish yesterday. Live today. Dream Like Will

We keep William Gillespie's memory alive by offering fun events that bring those who loved him -- and those who love those who loved him -- together in celebration of his life.. Along the way we hope to raise money that will be dispersed in the form of scholarships and other donations to William's most favorite causes.

 We are honored that so many friends, family, former students and players (and their families) have given incredible support to our simple mission.. Without their support both financial and participatory, it would have been incredibly difficult to have achieved what success we have seen thus far. 

We thank you all!.

Why "Dream Like Will"


Some may wonder the origination of the phrase, "Dream like Will.." For us it goes back as far as May 28, 2014, the night of the William's visitation at Baue Funeral Home. William's friend, Greg McElroy, had brought and distributed red wrist bands and a sheet of paper containing a story and beautiful tribute he had written. Below is the text on that sheet of paper:

Dream Like Will

 Will Gillespie was our friend in physical form. He was a dreamer. He thought he could do anything. He knew he could do anything. Sometimes, he was wrong, but you didn't tell him that. If you did, he'd quickly correct you. Put Will against Michael Jordan, Will would think he could put up a fight. Find a beer pong table, and Will (along with Justin) would think he was the best there was. Give Will a challenge to eat, and he would proclaim that he could eat an amount that might not be humanly possible. But to Will, it was.
Someone once bet Will that he couldn't eat 27 tacos, and he took the bet as if the very foundation of the Gillespie name had been threatened. Will ONLY ate an amount in the upper teens (we all know he could pack some serious food in that belly of his), but that was the day I discovered the stubbornness, confidence, bravado, arrogance, beauty, and put-on-a-show-for-the-masses that was Will. And I'm pretty sure he could have made it through the 27 tacos had he not buried each one in four packets of ranch.
Perhaps the grandest of Will's ideas, as unachievable as any, was to marry the girl of his dreams. While Will may not have always been able to succeed where he thought he could, marrying Kelle was Will's greatest accomplishment. Kelle brought out the best in Will and made him smile more than any of us ever could. Sometimes, things are done right. Kelle and Will were right.
Will was a man of Christ, a husband, a son, a friend, a Marine, a teacher, a coach, a teammate, and a wonderful person with a laugh both beautiful and infectious, a heart both solid and inviting. I love Will. We all love Will. Will loves us, too. And while he may be far from touch, he is living joyfully (and ornery as ever) in each of our hearts. When dreaming, let's dream like Will... unfiltered, undeterred, and unafraid of failure. Will is now, and forever, our friend in spiritual form. We are the luckiest. 


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